Vital statistics
Full Name Viki
Star of Destiny Chitatsu Star

The Quick Star

Date of Birth Unknown
Age 16 (speculatory)
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Teleportress
Relatives Unknown
Associates Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Background Edit

A teleportress from an unknown location, Viki finds herself teleporting through time and space in an attempt to return home. Because her teleportations are random at best and seem to jump both forward and backward through time, it is unknown how long she has been teleporting.

In IS 456, Viki accidentally teleported herself into the Forest of Moran. There, she encountered Tir McDohl, who informed her that she was in the Scarlet Moon Empire. Viki was startled by this news. Apparently, Scarlet Moon was nearly halfway around the world from her previous location. Tir offered Viki a place in the Toran Liberation Army, and the teleportress, lost, confused, and alone, eagerly accepted this invitation. During her time in the Toran Liberation Army, she acted as a magician and teleportress to Tir. After the Liberation Army's victory against Scarlet Moon, Viki accidentally teleported herself away during the banquet dinner.

She found herself three years into the future in the Erud Forest separating the principalities of Greenhill and Matilda in the City-States of Jowston. There she met Riou, leader of the Allied Army. With nowhere else to go, Viki joined Riou's cause and found herself acting as a magician and teleportress for the Allied Army. Following the end of the Jowston-Highland War, Viki was accidentally teleported away once again.

She reappeared three months into the future in Harmonia's capital city, Crystal Valley. There, she encountered Nash Latjke. A brief sneezing fit caused Viki and Nash to be teleported into the distant past, the far future, and all locations in between before briefly being transported back to Viki's homeland. Another Viki appeared in this world and assisted Viki and Nash in teleporting back home. Concluding this, Viki once again sneezed and was teleported off again.

When she once again reappeared, she found herself fifteen years in the future on a mountain path between Grassland and Harmonia. Soon enough, she met the Hugo the Fire Bringer and joined their cause. During her time with the Fire Bringer, Viki failed to notice the connection between herself and Small Viki, who had also appeared and joined the Fire Bringer. She did, however, recall Luc from her encounters with him several years prior. After the successful elimination of the Destroyers, Viki offered to teleport the Fire Bringer back to their hometowns.

Unfortunately, in doing so, she managed to teleport herself 170 years into the past. When she rematerialized, she found herself on the island of Nay in the Island Nations, where she joined Lazlo's resistance movement against Kooluk. During her time aboard the Dauntless, Viki had a run-in with Jeane, but couldn't quite put a finger on where she knew the Rune Mistress from. She also felt some sort of connection to the Fog Ship Captain. Following the defeat of Kooluk, Viki was accidentally teleported off yet another time.

This time, she reappeared in the Queendom of Falena in IS 449, right in the middle of the Falenan Civil War. She met Freyjadour Falenas at the Ceras Lake Ruins and requested his protection in exchange for her powers and was quickly accepted into the Prince's ranks. During her time in Falena, Viki ran into many people she had a past with, such as Jeane, who she claimed to have met many times before. She also encountered Lorelai, who recognized Viki from a previous encounter, although Viki claimed not to have ever met Lorelai before. After the Falenan Civil War was resolved, Viki was once again whisked away.